Electrifying Encounters: Navigating the 'Guardian's Temple' in Frostaven

Tackling 'Guardian’s Temple', we journeyed through the Imperial Mountains, faced an electrified altar, and outsmarted ancient machinery. Our mission morphed from simple retrieval to a complex, electrifying puzzle, offering one of our most thrilling 'Haven' experiences yet.

Electrifying Encounters: Navigating the 'Guardian's Temple' in Frostaven

With our Blinkblade unavailable this week, we opted for a side mission titled "Guardian’s Temple." Kudos to scenario designer Drew Burmahl for one of the best 'Haven missions I've played.

Embarking into the heart of the Imperial Mountains, we faced a daunting cliff that hid a secret archway. Upon entering, we discovered an ancient altar amidst towering stone columns, guarding a precious scroll.

Initially, the sparse enemies seemed manageable. However, electric bolts shot from the columns as we advanced, forming a defensive barrier around the altar.

Our conventional weapons were ineffective against this electrical surge. In our search for a solution, we noticed a series of ancient, faulty machines prone to explosion, protruding from a concealed hatch behind the altar.

A new strategy emerged: we would utilize the explosive potential of these machines to disrupt the electric shield. Our mission evolved from simple retrieval to a complex puzzle, demanding precision, strategic insight, and daring to seize the scroll from its electrified stronghold.

This mission relied on optimal positioning, an aspect where the Blinkblade excels. After a few rounds, I cleared the left side of the board while the Drifter and the Deathwalker prepared to tackle the right side.

With one ice pillar remaining, I employed my reliable Translocation Rod to execute an epic switch with my bannerman. Unfortunately, one of the three curses from our road event thwarted my triumphant move. Nonetheless, I retained my position in the next round, needing to destroy the last Ruined Machine before it could move.

Despite the curse's setback, the experience was fantastic. I wouldn't have wished for the mission to unfold any other way.