Unraveling Istanbul's Enigma: A Race Against Darkness in Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Scarlet Keys' second mission in Istanbul was thrilling. We located a powerful talisman and fought against a hidden cult, racing to gather clues and manage constant threats. After a heroic rooftop escape, our next stop is Shanghai to unravel more mysteries.

Unraveling Istanbul's Enigma: A Race Against Darkness in Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Instanbul at Night with the Cultists in the Shadows

Arkham Horror The Card Game. The Scarlet Keys. 2nd Play “Dealings in the Dark” - Result Won

Players - Michael as Darrell Simmons, James at Vincent Lee, Scotty as Charlie Kane

Played Wednesday, 7/27/2023

I'm genuinely enjoying Scarlet Keys; its globe-trotting format is truly captivating. It's why I'm such an avid fan of Eldritch Horror. Our second mission didn't disappoint, captivating me with its theme and setup.

Upon arriving in Istanbul with a clear mission, we sought to locate the talisman before the cult could. Teaming up with Ms. Ece Şahin, a knowledgeable curator, we agreed to help her find this potent artifact. We split into teams, combing the city without success until Darrell stumbled upon a concealed chamber within the Hagia Sophia, housing the golden talisman linked to a powerful entity.

Upon entrusting the talisman to Ms. Şahin, we felt a sense of relief, confident it was safe from misuse. However, the cult's persistent chase continued. We stayed alert and resolute in our mission to impede their evil intentions and safeguard the world from looming peril.

We faced a continuous threat from the city's concealed cultists, racing against them to gather as many clues as possible. Our team is equipped to find clues, allowing us to collect the first 12 swiftly. However, we struggled to manage the cultists effectively. We managed to clean up and attain the final clue with Charlie's assistants and a handy shovel.

Once we located the key, Vincent and Darrell had to bypass some obstructed doors. In a remarkable act of heroism, Charlie sprinted across Istanbul's rooftops, not once but twice in the same turn, positioning himself perfectly to escape with the key. This event marked one of the most memorable endings to an Arkham Horror session I've experienced.

We charted our next course for Shanghai to rendezvous with Li Flint and unravel the intriguing mystery we've stumbled upon!