A Surprising Twist in Frosthaven Scenario 2: Our Algox Scouting Adventure

Our Frosthaven scenario 2 adventure had a surprising twist. Despite expecting a stealthy mission, it was a fun mix of allies and enemies. We played as Blink Blade, Banner Spear, Deathwalker, and Drifter, found a valuable Translocation Rod, and had a blast despite some challenges.

A Surprising Twist in Frosthaven Scenario 2: Our Algox Scouting Adventure
Frosthaven: Algox Scouting

2nd Play - Mission 2 - Algox Scouting - Won - 4/18/2023

Are you a fan of Frosthaven, the famous cooperative board game? Today we will take you through our experience playing scenario 2, "Algox Scouting". After completing our first mission, we were excited to dive back into the game and see what challenges awaited us. However, before we could get started, we had to step back and re-read the rule book to ensure everything was set up correctly. Once we had everything sorted out, we were ready to sink our teeth into the "Algox Scouting" mission, which we thought would be a stealthy adventure but was entirely different!

Once we had everything set up, we started the "Algox Scouting" mission, thinking it would be stealthy due to the name. But as it turned out, there was no need for stealth at all! However, the mix of having Algox both as enemies and allies made for a fun and exciting mission.

Our party consisted of Blink Blade, Banner Spear, Deathwalker, and Drifter. We dove right into the mission, and it was uncompromising but straightforward. Unfortunately, our Blink Blade became exhausted, but we still had plenty of luck.

One of the highlights of the mission was when we got a random drop and received the Translocation Rod. This will make playing the Banner Spear much easier, and we were excited to see how it will affect our gameplay.

Overall, the "Algox Scouting" mission was a lot of fun, and we can't wait to see what Frosthaven has in store for us in upcoming scenarios. Until then, happy gaming!

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