Best of 2020

Best of 2020

To celebrate an unforgettable year, here is my list of best of's

Best TV Show

Lovecraft Country

HBO does it again. I am loving all things Lovecraft in 2020, and this was the adrenaline shot I needed.
Runner Up: The Expanse: Season 5

Best Book

James S. A. Corey, The Expanse Book 5: Nemesis Games

What did you expect? As good as the show is, the books are even better.

Runner Up: John Scalzi, The Last Emperox (The Interdependency Book 3)


Best Movie

Tenet dir. Jonathan Nolan

I know people had un-even reactions to this movie, but it appealed to everything I love in Nolan movie.

Runner up: Palm Springs


Best Album

Lily Hiatt - Walking Proof

A little twangy for my tastes, but this album consistently delivers
Runner up

Halsey - Maniac


Board Game

Gloomhaven: Jaws on the Lion, Celophair Games

So well made, and have a bi-weekly play group over Zoom has been a live saver.

Runner up: Unmatched


Best Podcast

The Watch on the Riger Network

These guys are like long lost brothers to me at this point. Don't always agree with what they are watching, but I love to hear about it.

Best Audio Book

Children of Ruin, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Book 2 exceeds the first one.

Best Android App


Best New Purchase


Saving money and the planet.

Best Gadget

Amazon Echo Show 8

Huge upgrade the the original Echo Show.

Best 3d Print Model

Gloomhaven Player Dashboard

Best Virtual Race

DC Batman Virtual Race

Best Video Game

Civilization VI

Sorry, very late to the show on this one!

Best New Service


Pairs great with a stationary bike, however, the Yoga, HIIT, Weight and other workouts are fantastic.

Best Hike

The Cascades, Pembroke, Virginia

We did plenty of hikes in 2020, but good ol' Cascades still satisfies.

Best Web Tool


Start coding a Laravel (or any PHP) website in Windows with just one download.

Best Mask

Korean KF94

Indivially packed, for when you need extra protection. Very comfortable.